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A Look at SimCity BuildIt Freemium Model Review

Simcity Buildit REview 2015

A freemium video game has been entertaining gamers all over the world and the good news is that you can have one in SimCity BuildIt. A popular City Simulation franchise, that will let you build the city which you are the designer and while you have given a decision to provide the best services for your citizens. The graphics appears to be gorgeous particularly with the light during day time or night time. While there are various problems that you have to solve which include fire, traffic and power outage. You are a mayor from your screen and together with the help of your counselor your task is to keep your citizen delighted by providing them primary services. As you work religiously in the video game you will be able to open unlock construction and facilities to give you more fun and challenges.

You are able to customize your City with parks, casinos and police station; you can make advertisements for your products especially the rare ones. If you need help you can trade resources from online players and visit their city and ask for ideal materials which are lacking in your City. You may as well create natural disaster to scare the protester in your City. Be the big boss in your City.

While social concept is just minimal, the video game features unlimited tasks as your level increase and there are demands that need to be accomplished or else you will not receive any tax from your citizens. The video game centers on more activities like providing power to the City, water to the population and making the City bigger every now and then. Disasters can only be experience in the late stage of the game, probably just to make the player ready to deal with the disasters and you will not panic in solving these problems. You need to prepare for this one since there are lots of surprises in the game.

You can play the game using iPhone 6,  iPad Air 2 and iOS 8 and make sure to have fun wherever you are you can play them and save them whenever you want to stop. You can have fun while you have lunch break or share with a friend. This is a totally for free to download SimCity BuildIt Freemium hack and the problem you will encounter again is the way too low amount of Simcash and Simoleons provided in this video game.